Cy-Co: Western Cyberpunk Board Game
Cy-Co -

Cy-Co: Western Cyberpunk Board Game

Cy-Co is a western cyberpunk strategy game for 2 to 4 players. It combines classical western elements with the cyberpunk style of the 80s – and leads to an unprecedented showdown between the Cyber-Cop Cy-Co and the archaic criminal bot Crime Evil.

Cy-Co is a round-based board game in which the players play alternately actions with their hand cards and thus control their characters and direct them across the playing field.

Cy-Co, the law keeper, tries to stop the villain Crime Evil, who himself hunts for Cy-Co or the Civilians of New Cytex.

Learn more about the game and download the print data of our prototype for free.

News about Cy-Co, the Western Cyberpunk Board Game

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